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DTS believes, true success in any industry are the people behind a company.  They are as important as the company itself.  With our diverse team you’re likely to find a kind of hidden ecosystem that embraces creativity, respect, humor and results.

Each team member brings their own diverse background and ability to enrich your project’s success.  It’s fun, productive and produces positive client reactions.  These photos are the faces behind the names, we are a “real” company, with a passion and a sense of pride in everything we do.

Our designs turn heads and are popular among other web designers and creative firms, some of our work is also found on sites within various industries. Some of our designs are a valuable addition to many projects and sites where human contact is an important part of clients unique goals or objectives.  We add a personal touch, creatively, to our client’s projects and companies.

Our goal in every project we work on is to: add value and credibility to our client’s project or company and to creatively and effectively build and manage a way to make that company stand out in the mind of a busy world.


Carlos has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design – Graphic Design. He really excels in coming up with new concepts and branding identities for companies. Carlos sees Graphic Design as more than a profession, It is something he takes on as a lifestyle.


Wayne is an Art Director with expertise in graphic design, campaign management and art supervision for print, online and broadcasting. He excels in finding solutions in advertising, marketing, presentations and client relations within fast paced environments that make his design company, WD Creative, one of the best in the nation.


Robert is a freelance Commercial Film Producer based in Southern California with a 20 year background in the commercial film industry. He has had the opportunity to work alongside skilled masters in the craft of film production.


Chris has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design – Graphic Design. He excels in website design and development, but also works on graphic design projects as well. Chris (Chris Bowman Designs) has a real knack for solving problems and finding alternate solutions.

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